The simplest way to grow your small business from zero to 6-figures. Everything you need to know to achieve more than you believed was capable is just a few clicks away. Do it for your future self. You, in one year from now, will be glad you started today.

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Ready to chase your dreams?

Hello and welcome! I’m Olivia, a self-made 6-figure business owner on a mission to help you reach your sales goals through affordable and practical solutions. I’m a former 6-figure Etsy seller, turn small business mentor with a growing team!

Here, we believe female-owned small product-based businesses are the heart of our economies globally, which is why I’m proud to be building a multi-platform empire that helps small business owners like you, see the profitable returns you deserve. This membership was created to make a difference, to help you build the life you’re dreaming of.

Starting my business with a laptop, a passion, and a dream, I understand how important it is to feel like you’ve got the foundations for your business set, and this can be hard when you’re just starting out, feeling overwhelmed by conflicting information or premium-only support. My first 6-figure business was a handmade gift shop on Etsy; and being a university student at the time, I realised just how difficult it was to seek affordable business help.

With my passion and know-how I’m here to walk you through the fundamentals of going full-time on your business and scaling it to 6-figures and beyond, in a sustainable and realistic way that supports what you want to achieve.

I am driven to change the status quo of ‘the big stay big and the small stay small’, by helping goal-getters like yourself experience the success you deserve – without breaking the bank. Everything I know and have learned has been from the ground upwards starting from where you are today. I’m sharing everything I know, to save you months of time, and countless headaches.

My commitment to you, is to provide you with the tools, support and knowledge to build your 6-figure empire, as I continue to grow and watch you blossom in your own journey. Whether you’re looking to become the first millionaire in your family, reach 50k on Instagram, or simply generate a sustainable income from your passion – I can’t wait to connect with you and help you to get your business off the ground!

Can’t wait to see you in there.


Olivia x


Is this the right option for you?

Hey, I’m not one to encourage you to join if it isn’t the right fit for you. So, I’ll leave that decision in your hands. You’re a perfect fit for the Growthpreneur if:

  • You’re aiming to reach 6-figures and/or go full-time on your business
  • You’re the owner of a product-based business (we don’t yet tailor to service-based businesses, but we will in the future so watch this space!)
  • You feel as though you’d benefit from a constant support bubble in a judgement free zone
  • You feel as though you’ve tried everything but nothing is working
  • You need valuable guidance from someone who has been in your shoes, but don’t want to / can’t splurge £1,000s on a course
  • You’re ready to learn how to skyrocket your sales and blow up on social media, and more importantly, ready to implement it


What can you expect to gain?

The potential gains as a Growthpreneur member are limitless. Our current members have repeatedly said the value provided in comparison to the price paid is incredible. But, here are a few of the many gains you’ll receive:

  • In-depth and thorough teachings on various business topics (these are decided by members, so I produce masterclasses based on what you need help with most)
  • Just like our other members, you can expect to see game changing results in your sales, social media and revenue
  • A safe space to unload your problems to people who relate, and gain advice from myself and others
  • Clarity and structure in growing your business (I know how overwhelming it can be)
  • Everything you need to grow your business from zero to 6-figures, and transform it into your full-time career


Don’t just take my word for it…

Growthpreneur is currently adored by over 600 ambitious entrepreneurs, who are reaping the benefits of expert advice and a supportive community. Here’s what they have to say.


The Growthpreneur Membership

Business growth at your fingertips… It has never been easier to build the business of your dreams. Each month you’ll have access to:

  • Instant access to 25+ small business growth resources, including masterclasses, eBooks and interviews.
  • New and exclusive masterclasses uploaded every month (these can’t be bought anywhere else).
  • Monthly Q&A video to get your questions answered.
  • Access to a private Facebook group filled with supportive and likeminded entrepreneurs where you can gain advice from myself and others.
  • Monthly competitions with huge prizes.
  • Tonnes of extra bonuses every month.


  • Gain instant access to 25+ niche-specific content banks. We upload new ones every week! Just drop a comment letting us know what your niche is if you don’t already see it.

See you on the inside, goal getter!